Thursday Workshops

Thursday Evening Workshops – Starting February

Either theory or practical based & usually incorporating yoga philosophy, our workshops are an opportunity for students to delve deeper into the world of yoga; freshen & inspire their yoga practice.

We are so excited to offer Thursday evening workshops that will help students expand their knowledge of yoga & delve deeper into their practice. These workshops are an opportunity for teachers to share their wisdom & passion on different styles & philosophies of yoga that are not on our regular timeslot.

Already on the workshop schedule are Yoga Nidra, Full Moon Mediation, Power Flow with OM Chanting, Sacred Bandhas, Gayatri Mantra & Yin/Yang Balancing class. These workshops are designed to allow a greater degree of interaction between student & teacher & numbers will be limited so booking ahead is strongly recommended.

Thursday evening workshops can be paid for by using a valid Vitality Yoga Pass, simply book in via the Vitality App. Bookings are essential as numbers are limited in each workshop.


Yoga Nidra –

Thursday 8th March with Kate Robinson

Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep…it’s a meditative practice that allows you to come into a deep relaxation and supports you to connect to your body and inner world.
You will likely experience yourself in a level of consciousness somewhere between wakefulness and sleeping as you are guided through a grounding body scan.
Throughout the practice you may drift in and out and not be aware of all that is shared, this is normal and you can be assured that your subconscious will be processing the nourishing practice as you delve into a deep rest. Yoga Nidra helps to calm our nervous system, bringing it into balance, supporting a sense of well-being and relaxation.

This class begins at 7:00pm and runs for one hour. There is a limited number of places available and can be booked in via the Vitality Yoga App. A valid class pass or unlimited membership can be used to pay for this class. Beginner Students welcome.

Hindu Mythology Series – The Story of Saraswati 

Thursday 15th March with Annie Townsend

The Story of Saraswati
In this session Annie will tell the story of Saraswati. This story embodies the meaning of the true value of patience. Breath, imagery, and meditation will all be used to help embody the experience of patience.

What you can expect:
The first 15 minutes of the class is a conversation around Hindu mythology follow day 20 minutes of asana with plenty of options for a stronger practice.

The remainder of the class will be 35 minutes of restorative poses using blankets, bolsters and blocks where the ‘turning points’ in the Saraswati story are quietly and lovingly explored. The class will finish with further conversation and reflection.

This practice is suitable for any level and for anyone wanting a unique exploration into embodied story telling.

A valid Vitality Yoga Pass or Unlimited Membership can be used for this class. Drop in price is $22.