Our Yoga Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to share in our teachers’ deep knowledge, yogic wisdom and passion to expand your own practice.

Our diverse series of workshops explore different styles, components and philosophies of yoga. Our Yoga Workshops are engaging and inspiring. They combine practical and theoretical components, offering students an opportunity to delve more deeply into the world of yoga.

Participants are nurtured in an enriching learning environment, and rewarded with knowledge to enhance their own practice and take it to another level.

Tuesday 7 – 17 January 2020

6am – 7.20pm 5.45pm (weekend morning classes run an hour later, evening class an hour earlier)
Cost $140

Our 10 Day Yoga Challenge is like no other yoga challenge, Designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility and focus this challenge gives every BODY an opportunity to taste every yoga class available on our extensive timetable, and its the perfect way to improve your balance and focus for the new year.
Suitable for beginners, experienced students or for people wanting to return to yoga.

13th-18th January 2020


Start the new year gently with our 5 Day Gentle Yoga Challenge. Taught by our founder, Kehry Frank, this challenge is a gentler yoga practice incorporating regular yogic elements with easier, slower transitions. Suitable for every BODY, in particular popular for older adults, pregnant women and those with limited mobility.

Our Immersion Yoga Retreats are an opportunity to go deeper into a series of different yoga practices, including dynamic and restorative postures, pranayama (breathing ) Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and Meditation. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

Upcoming Retreats

27th September 2019 (Grand Final Day)

Bendigo Cup Day

30th October 2019 (Bendigo Cup Day)


Details coming soon

Yoga Nidra

Thursday 29th August 2019
7:15pm (1 hour)
Cost: Yoga Pass or $22 casual.
Yoga Nidra – also known as yoga sleep. This is the ultimate guided relaxation your body could ask for to help reduce stress, anxiety and hands down the best nights sleep you could have!
Suitable for beginners and experienced students.
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