Other Therapies

The aim of Vitality’s Natural therapies is to treat and heal the deep seated cause of disease, emotional stress, mental stress or imbalance in the body and mind as a result of stress, accident or trauma.

The therapies employed at this clinic are very specific in their approach to each problem.

Kehry Frank, our kinesiologist who has been practicing for over 25 year explains, “It’s about finding specific stress (and the time in life from which it stems) stored on the energy lines of the body.”

These stress “blockages” thwart the energy which feeds to a specific organ and maintains the health of physical body.

Our approach is to “locate and unblock” – so the body’s energy system supports the physical.Thus, a free flow of energy enables the body to do what it is made to do, self heal. Our outcome is a calmer more easy going individual with more self confidence and self assurance gained from unblocking past emotional stress, alleviating body weakness, illness both physical and emotional and much more.

We will be closed from Saturday 21 December to Sunday 20 January 2019.

We will only be open for our 10 Day Yoga Challenge from 8-17 January 2019. Book your spot now via our Vitality App. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!