Teaching Academy

The Vitality Yoga Teacher Training Academy offers an internationally accredited course over 7 months. In addition to this, the academy offers two supplementary 3 day courses twice a year to become a qualified Meditation Teacher and Yoga Teacher’s Assistant focusing on physical alignment. This enables student teachers to begin practicing instruction right away.

Our teacher training course is comprehensive and thorough. It is a course suitable for those wishing to teach, set up their own practice as an accredited Vitality Yoga Teacher or to simply deepen their own awareness and understanding of themselves through the training and the practice of yoga.

The courses international accreditation is with Yoga Alliance. There is an option to extend studies with our academy for the Yoga Australia accreditation

Students attend weekend lectures, held each month and have the opportunity to complete the units of Meditation and Physical Alignment before the courses starts date. This allows students to begin practicing their teaching instruction immediately or anytime throughout the course providing students with teaching experience and instilling confidence. As these units are offered twice a year they can also be completed at the end of the course, it is a choice. These units run as 3 days courses in February and November.

The final weekend is a completely silent experience and is called ‘Living The Yogic Way’ this gives students the amazing benefits of a simple existence via pure vegetarian organic food, yoga, meditation, breathing practices (Pranyama) and other cleansing practices (Kriya) for the mind, body and soul.

Our program includes a range of teachers and mentors, each with the expertise and passion to inspire student teachers as well as to equip them to with the best possible training should they choose to make yoga their new career.

Next courses begin November 2016, March 2017 and November 2017 Learn more

Vitality Yoga graduates are equipped with confidence, knowledge and skills to cater for a broad market base by offering a style of yoga that addresses the physical and therapeutic needs of modern life.