Our term classes run in 8-10 week blocks.

We offer a wide range of different yoga classes, catering for beginners to more experienced students. By committing to a term of yoga you will significantly help improve strength and flexibility, while developing stillness within.Timetable

Fit Yoga

Fit Yoga is a combination of yoga, Pilates and conventional exercise, designed to strengthen and tone the core, legs and shoulders. Students commit to 2 classes per week for a full term. This enables students to build their practice and explore more challenging yoga postures safely. Suitable for experienced students. Not recommended for students with chronic injury or limited mobility.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

This class is specifically designed to strengthen and stabilise the postnatal body. Babies are welcome to attend from 5 weeks up until they are mobile. No yoga experience necessary. Call the studio to discuss your suitability. Suitable for beginner students.

Toddlers & Parents Yoga

A welcoming yoga class for adults where toddlers and preschoolers can practice alongside, or play with fellow little yogis. Adults learn the skill to create internal calm with their little ones; children are introduced to valuable skills of yoga, planting a seed for life. Suitable for beginner students.

Kids Yoga

This nurturing class develops confidence, learning abilities, coping skills, lowers stress levels, and increases balance and co-ordination. Suitable for primary school aged children.


Our Meditation classes teach proven mindfulness techniques to form the basis for a beneficial meditation practice. Suitable for beginners to meditation and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Yoga for recovery from cancer treatment

This gentle class is designed to build core strength, improve mobility and develop stability while learning mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety, manage pain and build inner calm. Suitable for beginner students.

Chair Assisted Yoga

This accessible and gentle class is perfect for seniors and those limited in their movement due to weight gain, injury or surgery and who are unable to get up and down from the floor easily. Suitable for beginner students.

Mens Beginners Yoga Course

Our Mens Beginners Yoga Course is designed to help reduce stress levels, improve flexibility, build core strength, prevent injuries and provide students with the tools to be be a calmer and happier person. Suitable for all abilities, ages and flexibility.