Yoga Teachers


Kehry Frank

A qualified teacher for more than thirty years, Kehry is the founder of Vitality Yoga, co-founder of the Vitality Yoga Teacher Training Course, Kinesiologist and Feng Shui consultant.

Kerhy is also a qualified nurse and highly respected natural therapist of many modalities providing her with a strong knowledge of the physical and energetic body and the connection between the two.

Kehry developed Vitality Yoga when she saw the need to develop a style of yoga that was more accessible and suitable for the average person's body and lifestyle.

Her extremely successful integration of Hatha postures and other healing modalities will guide you through a unique yoga experience, helping you develop a deep awareness of ways to self heal, in a harmonious and nurturing environment. Kehry is the senior teacher on the Vitality Yoga Teacher Training course and has trained many of Bendigo's yoga teachers.


Melanie Chapman

As daughter to Kehry, Melanie has practiced yoga virtually all her life, including extended periods of training in ashrams, monasteries and retreats in India, California and Thailand. Melanie has been teaching yoga for more than 12 years. She originally trained in the Sivananda tradition in 2004 and has since trained with Vitality Yoga, Donna Farhi and Heather Agnew of Trinity Yoga.  She recently began her Yin training with Jennifer Crescenzo and is currently completing a 12 month post graduate course with Jenni Morris-Jack of Ihana yoga, a style that emphasises research-based functional movement. She is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, fitness instructor and massage therapist, specializing in Fit yoga, Prenatal yoga, Gentle yoga, Beginners Yoga, Mums & Bubs and Vinyasa Flow.

She is a senior trainer on the Vitality Yoga Teacher Training Course and owner of Vitality Yoga.


Prue Allan

A qualified psychologist, Prue has trained with Vitality Yoga and in the Sivananda and Satyananda yoga traditions. Prue has been teaching yoga for more than 12 years and her classes are very popular.

Her expertise and enthusiasm for yoga provide a beneficial and rejuvenating experience for her students, ensuring they feel safe and supported within their practices.

Nardine Ralph

Nardine trained with Vitality Yoga in 2010 and has been sharing her love of yoga with students ever since. Nardine is also a trained Body Balance Instructor. A member of Yoga Australia, she has studied in Vinyasa Flow, Fit/Dynamic, Yin and Children’s Yoga and continues to deepen her knowledge and self enquiry through her own daily practice. Nardine shares her alignment based and breath centred practice with others enabling the simple joys and benefits of yoga along with the body awareness and understanding that comes from experiencing their own practice.

“ Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's what you learn on the way down”


Kate Robinson

Yoga is a part of Kate's daily life; living from her heart and bringing gentleness and love into her daily interactions. Vitality-trained, Kate's classes focus on connection to breath and movement, creating a rhythmic flow that supports you to honour your body and soul.
Kate completed her Yin teacher training in 2015, with renowned leading Yin teacher trainer Jennifer Crescenzo from Luminous yoga.
Yin yoga is an opportunity to slow down, observe your body, breathe and draw awareness within...
Kate helps support practitioners to be gentle with their thoughts, loving with their actions and create a space within themselves to connect, release and let go physically, emotionally and energetically.

Simon Phelan

Simon Phelan

Simon graduated from the Bikram Yoga College of India in July 2009, in Palm Springs California.  Since then he has taught and practised in Los Angeles, New York city, Paris, Sydney and Rishikesh India. Simon works as a guest yoga teacher in Bali and 5 studios around Melbourne and his trained in Bikram method, Vinyasa Ashtanga and Pilates. 

"Yoga has completely changed my life and I love to teach. I am very grateful to the Yoga community worldwide for providing me with the opportunity of continued growth as both a teacher and student."

Katie Sutton Feb 2012

Katie Sutton

With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Katie is a leader in exercise physiology and group fitness and we are delighted to have Katie training with us as a yoga teacher. Because of her extensive exercise background, Katie's classes will offer a different take on familiar postures. Her effervescent, caring nature makes for an equally fun and restorative class.


Annie Townsend

Annie is an experienced mental health practitioner and group facilitator. She has over 10 years of working in mental health with Beyond Blue and in her own private counselling practice, specialising in anxiety, depression and trauma management.  

Annie has a Diploma of Raja Yoga (School of Santhi India) and qualifications in Vinyasa Flow (Yoga Trinity) and has been teaching yoga in Bendigo, Victoria since 2009. In her classes, Annie blends her learnings from Raja Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, taking students through not just movement but a discovery of postures that are designed to strengthen and build steadiness of mind. 

Leanne Roulston

Leanne Roulston

Leanne trained with Vitality after seeing the difference yoga made to her life. Initially, Leanne only pursued Teacher Training as a way to deepen her own experience and understand more about this rich tradition. But her role as a teacher in secondary education meant she soon gravitated toward the teaching side of yoga. Today, Leanne finds that teaching yoga is a lovely way to connect with people – as most of her days are busy working on Learning and Development projects. Education is another of Leanne's passions and she finds particular joy in passing on her love and knowledge of yoga to beginners who are just starting out on the yoga journey.

Claire Lebek

Claire Lebek

Claire is currently completing a 2 year Diploma of Yoga Teaching through The Academy of Yoga Learning in Melbourne. She is a member of Yoga Australia and has completed Yin yoga teacher training with Hugh Lee at Yoga213 & most recently, Yin and mindfulness training with Tina Nance at School of Sacred Arts in Ubud, Bali.  With her training & career in Nursing she infuses them to bring about a gentle & nurturing teaching style. 

Claire loves being part of the yoga community & is continually inspired, enjoying the continuing journey of mindfulness, personal growth & inner peace.  Claire hopes to empower & inspire other individuals in their yoga practice.

“Yoga is a tool for greater acceptance, tolerance & love”.


scott tuddenham

Scott Tuddenham

Scott began yoga training with Vitality Yoga in 2008 and has since trained in Gentle Yoga with Vitality and Power Yoga with Power Living Australia. Also a policeman and a boxing trainer, Scott's classes are  insightful yet strong. Be prepared to sweat!

Bernie Loughnane

Bernie Loughnane 


Jo Fifer



Amanda Lowe

Amanda first began practicing yoga in 1999, seeking a natural therapy to aid recovery from an illness. She instantly fell in love with the transformative power of breath! Having come from a background in classical ballet, Amanda was drawn to Vitality in 2012 & particularly Vinyasa Flow. Wanting to deepen her personal practice & knowledge, Amanda studied with Vitality Yoga Teaching Academy in 2016 as well as completing her Vinyasa sequencing training. 

Amanda offers a strong flow based on building strength, correct alignment & flexibility of body & mind. Amanda warm personality resonates within her classes.