Our General yoga classes are the original Vitality Yoga class and our most popular. Students typically attend General classes after they have attended Beginners General classes. 

General classes incorporate the foundation postures taught during Beginner General and Foundation yoga. The first half of a General class begins with preparatory postures to warm the body and focus the mind, before moving into the Salute to the Sun sequence and yoga breathing practices.

The second half of class will change from week to week, incorporating a range of postures to stretch and strengthen the body and tone vital organs and glands, always concluding with relaxation and on special occasions, a meditation. Vitality Yoga teachers specialise in offering students variations of postures to suit individual bodies, so that students can address the needs of their own body, rather than keeping up with the rest of the class.

Students leave feeling refreshed, supple, calmer and more able to calmly deal with the demands of everyday life once again.