Meditation Course

A 8 week program designed to develop tried & tested mindfulness techniques which form the basis for a consistent meditation practice. 


We live in an age where every day life has never been more complicated. We are  busier than ever & our workloads have never been fuller. Computers, phones, tv’s & tablets are subjecting our brains to technological, sensory overload. 

 Stress is taking its toll on our mental &  physical health because stress hormones are continually surging through our body. 

 But extensive studies have shown that regular meditation dramatically improves our mental & physical health, develops  resilience & increases a sense of contentment and happiness. 

 Each week will build upon the previous one, allowing students to delve deeper into their practice. Ran by Senior Teacher Kehry Frank, this course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking to gain new techniques. The
8-week Meditation Course will commence Wednesday 2nd of May at 7:15pm & runs for 8 sessions. 

Sessions will run for 1 hour and the term cost is $130. Bookings essential.