Mums & Bubs – Postnatal Yoga

Mums & Bubs yoga is a yoga class specifically designed for the post natal body. Particular focus is given to strengthening the core & pelvic floor & stretching & strengthening the shoulders, neck & back.

This is a beautiful class to develop a freer range of movement, create quality, bonding time with baby and meet like-minded, new mothers. Babies are welcome to attend from 5 weeks up until they are independently moving. Although active participation in the yoga practice is encouraged, babies are often doing 'their own thing', sleeping, gurgling, gazing or playing.

Mums & Bubs' helps mothers discover inner calm whilst practicing yoga, even when their child is with them. It is highly beneficial for new mums and their children.

Mothers are welcome to bring their prams into the yoga studio, carefully ensuring they do not push prams over yoga mats. All food is discouraged in the studio.

Mums & Bubs is taught by Melanie Chapman, a prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher for more than 10 years and owner of Vitality Yoga. Despite having 4 children of her own, including twin toddlers, Melanie is perpetually 'clucky' and always looking for an excuse to snuggle new babies.

Mums & Bub's term classes run on Fridays at 11.15am for 55 minutes. Bookings essential