The physical and mental benefits of yoga are endless. Through the practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation – yoga is a powerful method of self-healing.

Yoga slows the ageing process through balancing the endocrine and nervous systems, directly affecting all other systems of the body. Yoga improves energy flow throughout the body, enhancing health on every level.

Western culture is embracing yoga as more and more students report improved health, fitness and flexibility, decreased stress levels, raised energy levels and an overall sense of well-being and calm.

Beginner’s General

Focuses on key postures, sequences, and pranayama (breathing) practices that typically feature in our stronger General classes. Beginners General classes are wonderful for students wishing to progress from the Gentle Yoga & Meditation classes and begin our General classes or who are looking to develop a home practice and/or refine technique for online yoga classes.



One of our most popular classes, General Yoga is typical of the Vitality style. General classes are a beautiful balance between movement, pranayama (breathing), relaxation & meditation. Suitable for those looking for a dynamic practice with some experience.


Gentle Core

A gentler yoga practice incorporating regular yogic elements, strong energetic awareness, with easier, slower transitions. The class offers extensive modifications to suit a range of ailments and levels and has a strong awareness of the core area through movement. Gentle Core is suitable for beginner students, older adults, and pregnant women.


Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Not always gentle, this is an accessible yoga class. People who believed they couldn’t do yoga before, can do this class. Students need to be able to get up and down from the floor. Gentle Yoga & Meditation has a strong emphasis on developing mindfulness in movement and always concludes with a seated or lying meditation. Suitable for beginners, older adults and pregnant students. Experienced yogis enjoy this class also.


Yin Yoga

Yin focuses on holding stretching postures for extended periods, allowing quieter moments for stillness and reflection. Yin Yoga is a wonderful recovery class for athletes and is suitable for experienced students.



Strengthen and Align Yoga

Strengthen and Align Yoga (formely Yoga Strong) is the perfect class for students who want to get stronger. The class is a unique combination of powerful yoga, Pilates and conventional exercise techniques to improve fitness, strength and flexibility.  Suitable for experienced students.


Prenatal Yoga

A fantastic class for pregnancy, thousands of Greater Bendigo women have attended these classes over the years. Our Prenatal classes develop strength whilst maintaining flexibility and comfort through pregnancy. Expectant mothers gain invaluable tried and tested tools for labour and motherhood. Suitable from conception to labour, women can begin at any time of their pregnancy. Our Gentle Yoga & Meditation classes are also suitable for pregnancy and are taught by the prenatal yoga teacher.