The physical and mental benefits of yoga are endless. Through the practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation – yoga is a powerful method of self-healing.

Yoga slows the ageing process through balancing the endocrine and nervous systems, directly affecting all other systems of the body. Yoga improves energy flow throughout the body, enhancing health on every level.

Western culture is embracing yoga as more and more students report improved health, fitness and flexibility, decreased stress levels, raised energy levels and an overall sense of well-being and calm.


Our one-off Foundation class is a fantastic way to learn the principles of yoga. The senior teacher assesses each participant to help decide which style of yoga will best suit you. Recommended for absolute beginners as the first class

Beginner’s General

Focuses on key postures, sequences and pranayama (breathing) practices. Students develop correct technique and alignment for an empowering, safe and lasting practice. The Beginners class run on a four week consecutive cycle. If you attend four consecutive weeks you will feel equipped to move into a General class.
Beginners General classes explore more complex postures and transitions that typically feature in our stronger classes. Our Foundation class will help students identify whether Beginners General classes are appropriate for them. If not, students will move into any of our Gentle Core or Gentle Yoga & Meditation classes.


This is our most popular class, classical hatha yoga, typical of the Vitality style. General classes are a beautiful balance between movement, pranayama (breathing), relaxation & meditation. Suitable for those with some experience or who have taken the Beginners classes.

Gentle Core

A gentler yoga practice incorporating regular yogic elements with easier, slower transitions. The class offers extensive modifications to suit a range of ailments and levels. Gentle Core is suitable for beginner students and pregnant women.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

A gentle class with strong emphasis on developing mindfulness within postures; concluding with a seated or lying meditation. Suitable for beginners and experienced students.

Flow (Vinyasa)

A fun, dynamic paced class where yoga sequences are synchronised with the breath to create a flowing practice. Suitable for experienced students.

Yin Yoga

Yin focuses on holding stretching postures for extended periods, allowing quieter moments for stillness and reflection. Yin Yoga is a wonderful recovery class for athletes and is suitable for experienced students.



Bikram offers a specific series of yoga postures to heat and detoxify the body. Our specialist infrared heating panels heat the room to approximately 38 degrees. Suitable for experienced students.


Yoga Strong

A unique combination of powerful yoga, Pilates and conventional exercise techniques based in solid anatomical understanding, yoga strong will make you stronger and help you gain a better understanding of your body. Suitable for experienced students.

Prenatal Yoga

A fantastic class for pregnancy. Our Prenatal classes develop strength whilst maintaining flexibility and comfort through pregnancy. Expectant mothers gain invaluable tried and tested tools for labour and motherhood. Suitable from 10 weeks to birth.