Yoga Pass Policy


There are a variety of passes that can be purchased at Vitality Yoga. Individual passes give students a specific number of classes to attend AND a certain timeframe to use those classes in. For example, the double up pass gives students access to up to 12 standard classes over a 7 week period. The 7 week period will begin on the day that the first class is attended, not the day the pass is bought. It is important for students to keep an eye on both the number of classes they have left and the time in which to use them.A pass ‘expires’ if a student has either used the number of classes OR the timeframe to use those classes in has lapsed, irrespective of whether there are remaining classes. If a student is not getting the full use of their classes within the timeframe they should look to other passes that have longer expiry dates or buying a pass that has less classes to use.

Extensions on Expiry Dates

In the case of injury/illness or going away, students are able to request an extension on their pass so they can use their remaining classes. Students are asked to request any extensions in writing (email preferred) and list the number of days they will be away or sick/injured. It is the student’s responsibility to seek an extension if required. Under no circumstances can passes be extended once the expiry date is lapsed. Expiry dates can be found under the ‘My Account’ tab of the Vitality Yoga App, through your online account or by asking at the desk when you sign in for class.

Booking Classes

As students are able to move freely between classes each week, we strongly recommend that students book the classes they plan to attend. Classes can be booked as little as 45mins before the start of class. Booking classes ensures you have a mat reserved for you for that specific class. It also allows teachers to familiarise themselves with any particular injuries or illnesses and accommodate students needs more effectively. The Vitality Yoga app (a free download through the app store or Google play) can be used for booking, as well as online, by email or phone. Please book classes a day ahead for phone or email bookings.

Booking Classes

If you have booked a class and can no longer attend, please cancel your booking. This frees up a space for another student. Cancellations can be made up until an hour before the class commences. Students that ‘late cancel’ (cancellations made in the final hour before the start of class) or do not attend their booked class may be charged for that class.

Refunds & Transferring Passes

Once a pass has been activated it cannot be refunded. Passes cannot be transferred between students and a student is not able to use another student’s pass.

Car Parking

Vitality Yoga does not have any allocated parking spaces within the Good Loaf Bakery within business hours. Good Loaf customer parking bays (the 30minute parking bays along Hargreaves Street side) are available to Vitality students from 5.30pm onwards. All other reserved parking bays on Good Loaf grounds are available from 7pm onwards. Between 7am-5.30pm we are not permitted to use any of The Good Loaf Parking bays. Please ensure that you use alternate parking during the hours of 7am-5.30pm

Please note Vitality Yoga policies are subject to change without notice.