Why practice Yoga?

Yoga is a valuable means of self-healing that provides physical and mental therapy through the practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. The physical and emotional benefits of yoga are endless.

Science has proven that yoga slows the ageing process through balancing the endocrine and nervous system which directly affect all other systems of the body. Yoga improves energy flow throughout the body, enhancing health on every level.

Yoga is ever growing within Western culture as more and more students report improved health, fitness and flexibility, decreased stress levels, raised energy levels and an overall sense of well-being and calm.

Why Vitality Yoga?

The Vitality Clinic prides itself on providing a style of yoga that is relevant to modern living, addressing the demands of lifestyles today.

Yoga is thousands of years old, developed when man lived in harmony with the earth; he worked and lived off the land, ate simple, unprocessed foods, slept on the earth and squatted instead of using chairs.

Not only have our lifestyles changed dramatically, but so have our bodies. Yoga in its classical form can be extremely challenging for the average Westerner's busy mind, body and unconditioned spine.

Vitality Yoga is based on classical yoga postures, integrating other modalities such as Kinesiology and Chinese medicine to enhance yoga’s benefits and opening yoga to a wider group of people. Vitality Yoga encourages a deep awareness within all levels of the body which empowers the benefits of yoga.

Students acquire tools to deal with the challenges and demands of modern life.

Everyone will benefit from Vitality Yoga regardless of age, gender, fitness or flexibility.