Gentle Core

Particularly appropriate for older adults, Gentle Core Yoga classes are suitable for beginners or anyone who has a physical ailment or injury that may require a gentler practice.

Not always gentle, Gentle Core Yoga could be more appropriately named ‘you can do this style of yoga!’ because anyone of any age or stage of life can participate – and enjoy it!

Gentle Core yoga teachers have received extra training and can offer a broader range of modifications and alternatives to classical yoga practices so that students can move safely and at their own pace. Gentle Core yoga is equally restorative and strengthening. Students leave class feeling calmer, stronger, more supple and enjoy freer movement in their body.

Gentle Flow – is a step up from Gentle Core; incorporating modified postures to suit students requiring a gentler practice but with flowing transitions.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation – a gentle class with a strong emphasis on developing mindfulness within postures; concluding with a seated or lying mediation.

Our pregnant students are also welcome to attend our Gentle Yoga classes.